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PrivacyRules as Media Partner at the PrivSec Global privacy and security event

Data protection, privacy and security are an increasingly integral part of organisations’ operations. As regulation gets stricter—and data and tech become more and more crucial—a network of privacy, security, and risk professionals is growing and flourishing. And it’s clearer than ever that the skills required in each of these areas are not only connected—they’re inseparable....


3 days global conference on privacy in M&A, Gaming and Data Transfer sector Join the PrivacyRules 3 days event focusing on three of the hottest privacy and cybersecurity topic of the moment.

  • December 7, 12:30 pm - 13.30 pm London time: Privacy pitfalls in M&A transactions
  • December 8, 12:30 pm - 13.30 pm London time: Essential data protection for the gaming industry
  • December 9, 12:30 pm - 13.30 pm London time: Privacy and cybersecurity must do in international data transfers

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The new Chinese Privacy Law is somewhat revolutionary. In this panel discussion PrivacyRules legal and cybersecurity experts will present it and guide companies on how to comply with it. Our experts will speak from China and Italy, hence offering advice on how data can now be transferred to/from China also in light of GDPR requirements....

Cyber solutions to prevent a data breach

Join this webinar to learn more about the prevention services offered by the PrivacyRules Cybersecurity Partnership Program and how their tailored implementation allows companies and insurances to save money and foster data privacy.

Russia makes internet companies go local

Follow the PrivacyRules live session on the Russian recently adopted law on foreign internet companies. On 1 July 2021, Russia adopted a new law on foreign internet companies. They are required to obey the national laws, register with local authorities, accept and follow local court acts, and block certain content. By 1 January 2022, they must establish subsidiaries, representative offices, or branches in Russia. The law sets forth an applicability test that extends the Russian jurisdiction over various types of IT companies – starting from internet giants (having more than 500,000 Russian users daily), hosting providers and ending up with any website supporting user accounts and messaging between Russian users. Register at the link below to join

AFBA 2019 annual conference

PrivacyRules has been honoured to be the organiser of a video-session at the African Bar Association (AFBA) 2019 Annual Conference in Monrovia, Liberia, 21 - 24 October 2019. The Session, launched on the 23 October, is entitled: “Privacy and Telecommunication Laws in Africa: Rights & Opportunities”

  • Event: AFBA 2019 Annual Conference
  • Location: Monrovia, Liberia
  • Date: 2019-10-23
  • File: Event Flyer

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