Outsourced privacy coordination

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PrivacyRules is an international center of excellence focused on data privacy and cybersecurity challenges whose primary goal is to provide efficient, competitive, and comprehensive counsel and services for local clients and multinational organizations.

We provide a single destination to address a wide range of cybersecurity and data privacy issues in a dynamic global landscape involving data aggregation, processing, and distribution.  As regulations continue to gain in complexity, the counsel and services offered by PrivacyRules provide businesses a path forward to efficiently contain costs and protect their reputations while adhering to local and global data privacy laws.

Because PrivacyRules is designed to flex with our clients, we can immediately deploy resources based on client needs or size.  Our global footprint and coordination capacity uniquely allows PrivacyRules to efficiently offer legal, IT, and communications services to both local and multinational clients.

With its presence in 57 worldwide jurisdictions, PrivacyRules ensures that organizations are accurately advised on a resident level while still under a coordinated global umbrella.
A single destination offering a wide array of services, PrivacyRules provides organizations with:
– centralised privacy coordination
– minimization of cost
– increased efficiency
– and amplified brand reputation on a local or cross-border basis.

Simple means winning:

  • one single contract
  • just one NDA
  • harmonised costs
  • tailor-made and secured data exchange
  • centralised case management
  • streamlined regular reporting
  • 24/7/365 sensitive customer service
  • one billing system
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