Global Data Breach Prevention & Response Mechanism

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The Global Data Breach Mechanism centers on our three strong and synchronized pillars

1) localized & multi-jurisdiction privacy legal counsel

2) a collaborative ecosystem of diverse cybersecurity experts

3) strategic & cyber crisis communication specialists

Our Global Data Breach Mechanism integrates a broad suite of services and solutions to offer clients effective means to properly assess risks, train for proper data management, prevent attacks, prepare against threats, respond to crises and mitigate breaches quickly and comprehensively.
Our approach offers an integrated methodology tailored to the organization, focusing on safeguarding data privacy throughout all phases of their processing cycle. Our experts are passionate to assist clients averting cyber breaches, data losses, or legal compliance uncertainties, especially when operating in multiple jurisdictions. They understand that reputation and market credibility are to be protected as one of the most valuable assets.
PrivacyRules’ Global Data Breach Prevention & Response Mechanism is designed to offer an organisation complete solutions that deliver cutting edge data privacy legal counselling, cybersecurity services & solutions, and crisis communication expertise to avoid, prepare for and promptly react to any incident.
Solutions that were sufficient in the past quickly become outdated due to the growing complexity of technology and policies.
The mechanism is designed to offer clients with complete and multi-disciplinary solutions that deliver simultaneously a) cutting edge data privacy legal counseling, b) cybersecurity services & solutions, to protect the company digital infrastructure and operations and c) crisis communication expertise to safeguard reputation and public’s trust in the business.


  • Map and measure your organization’s vulnerabilities
  • Design a coordinated strategy to address current and future threats
  • Achieve situational intelligence and awareness

  • Implement a tailored strategy and develop incident response plans
  • Synchronize policies, technologies and key actors’ preparedness
  • Plan and establish routine activities to maintain and update defense posture

  • Activate the incident response plan 24/7 at the earliest indication of a breach
  • Receive holistic coordinated assistance throughout crisis via a virtual situation room
  • Stop crises at an early stage and manage the most immediate damages

  • Strategic management of post-crisis remediation activities to protect the organization’s reputation
  • Leverage lessons learned practices to improve policy and security posture
  • Support internal and external after-crisis recovery, and ensure business continuity

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