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Individuals entrusted with maintaining personally identifiable information and other data for organisations should have a minimum skill threshold regarding the legal process and technical requirements for proper data maintenance. PrivacyRules and its members are ideally equipped to train those individuals on the appropriate use of data and discuss the responsibilities & obligations organisations have regarding data storage and access.

Recent laws, including GDPR, PIPEDA, CCPA, LGPD, PDPO, and PDPA, all require organisations to demonstrate that internal policies and procedures are in place to safeguard the personal data in their possession. A recent IBM report noted that 95% of cybersecurity breaches result from human error. Creating a “culture of privacy” begins with increasing data security awareness throughout the organization while pointing out those areas in which errors are commonplace.

PrivacyRules’ e-learning modules provide companies with an efficient method to educate employees while also demonstrating data security compliance. Upon successful completion of our modules, attendees are awarded a certificate that establishes a minimum threshold of understanding. At the same time, the organisation as a whole displays its commitment toward developing a culture of privacy. Educating personnel on security essentials and best legal practices will help organisations prevent, prepare and promptly react to any incident, from cyber breaches and data loss locally or when operating in multiple jurisdictions.

Using a blend of short audio and video assets, PrivacyRules’ e-learning modules are intentionally interactive to increase training effectiveness. Comprehension exercises conclude each unit and are used to quantify users’ understanding of the concepts. Proper education of employees provides them with the tools to prevent and react to incidents in a controlled and complete manner while providing organizations with benefits such as:
Avoiding sanctions from international regulatory bodies for missing the requirement of placing internal procedures to educate and train the employees
– Completing the first step to settle a decisive data breach prevention and response mechanism, and the foundations for an effective data crisis communication plan
– Enhancing their workforce efficiency by overcoming the legal and cybersecurity uncertainties faced in their daily operations
Our e-Learning modules are a valuable opportunity for organisations to receive holistic training recommendations. We can provide tailor-made, scalable, and cross-national training from top-level legal and cybersecurity experts from all over the world.

Security Awareness Training

PrivacyRules security awareness training packages cover a wide range of topics and address almost any risk an employee may face. Our modules can be highly personalised and flexible based on an organisation or employee’s needs. Training packages are generally priced on a per-seat basis, and participants receive a certificate of completion to document that they have successfully completed the training session.


Gamified Courses

5.1. Social media

5.2. How to become a social engineer

5.3. Protection against phishing

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Legal Training

PrivacyRules’ legal training series provides training on the three most debated topics in the privacy sector: data breach, data transfers, and subject access request management. Our e-Learning sessions are divided into modules that focus on a particular topic or country and can easily be tailored to specific company’s needs or locale.

Because of their modularity, our concise and straightforward e-Learning programs can be highly focused and act as stand-alone training or can be coupled with other sessions for a more comprehensive understanding of security or as a part of an organisation’s general training program.

A key feature of our e-training is the full documentation on effective attendance of each and every trainee, availing reports that can be used for auditing purposes.

Data Breach legal training

Proper preparation is the best method to avoid data breaches, and preparation begins with ensuring that employees are adequately trained. PrivacyRules works with companies of all sizes to help them prioritize data protection while identifying those behaviors that can result in a data breach. Preparation also includes what to do if and when a breach occurs to minimize damage.

Our data breach modules cover:

  • General introduction on how to prevent and respond to data breaches
  • Data breach prevention – preplanning
  • Preparedness
  • Incident response: detection and protection
  • Remediation

Data transfers legal training

Cross-border data transfer of personal data is a significant challenge for organisations. As technologies and regulations change, maintaining compliance becomes a more complex task for most organisations. While it may not be possible to predict the next law or technology that could impact an organisation, what is possible is ensuring that your employees are armed with the essential skills to properly address any new legislation or technology that may appear. PrivacyRules provides this fundamental training, through its general module explicitly tailored for any given country, to properly digest the impact of any new technology or regulation.

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