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Privacy in Argentina – Media companies condemned for violating privacy rights

The Court of Appeals in Civil matters of the City of Buenos Aires (“Court of Appeals”) condemned several important radio, television, and digital media companies for infringing an individual’s privacy rights by broadcasting his images obtained in the context of a private meeting. Learn more o the cases in this article written by the PrivacyRules...

Privacy legislation is once again the topic of public discourse in Australia as the Federal Government has undertaken a broad review of its Privacy legislation. The Government has proposed major reforms that could substantially alter the regulatory landscape – especially within the online privacy space. Learn more in this article by Kelly Dickson, from the...

Since the first appearance of covid19, the online events sector radically changed, becoming the main way to spread easily reachable informative content and to join open debates among experts. However, organizing webinars requires some relevant privacy considerations. The PrivacyRules experts Geert Somers and Bernd Fiten, from the Belgian law firm Timelex, explain this current topic...

Business in and from China: the new Chinese PIPL

A new #Chinese #privacy #law – the Personal Information #Protection Law (#PIPL) – took effect on November 1, 2021. But what are the key implications for businesses? How companies can  #comply with the new law? This document gathered some practical tips and insights on how to #comply with the new law collected during our webinar hosted on November 24th. Learn how...

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