PrivacyRules is the only worldwide alliance with a holistic legal, tech & data crisis communication approach to privacy.

Personal data privacy, compliance & protection

Our network is based on the spirit of close cooperation with the IT Industry as crucial players in the circulation of data. Privacy is diverse from the subjects it refers to, the various stakeholders involved in the origination, processing, and data storage to all facets of flow and processes. The underlying component and requirement is that the majority of data is filtered and facilitated through technology. For this reason, PrivacyRules welcomes a collaborative partnership within the IT Industry for mutual success.

While Data Protection Officers and in-house experts can increase in number, capabilities, and areas of awareness, the diversity of data privacy and data circulation needs to involve the talent of specialized knowledge that only the IT Industry encompasses.

PrivacyRules endeavors a hybrid approach when dealing with privacy, which merges legal and technology to offer the broadest range of services to its Members, clients, subscribers and customers.

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We provide data privacy expertise and solutions

Many threads of a global tapestry of communication to be protected

Recognizing that not all users require the same products and services for privacy and data protection,
PrivacyRules consults with members and affiliates around the world to serve businesses, governments and individuals.
In addition to data breach assistance, clients and researchers can obtain access to our current data protection legislation,
privacy related commentary and analysis, forms and templates, which are available in English and other languages.

Data protection legal assistance

PrivacyRules experts assist clients in assessing, developing and implementing innovative solutions related to privacy and data protection.

Cybersecurity services

Our tech experts and affiliates provide cyber defense services that help organizations prevent and respond to cyber attacks.

Training, webinars and conferences

Our legal and technical team offers educational resources that match client requirements.

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