PrivacyRules, via its members and guest speakers, provides unbiased, relevant and specific information to accurately address current data privacy issues whilst also advising on best practices to prepare for future trends and threats.

PrivacyRules represents an environment where new ideas related to data privacy and cybersecurity can be conceived, debated, planned and implemented successfully.

PrivacyRules simplifies and maximises the understanding of data privacy issues through a broad series of free resources. These include informative materials produced by our members, webinars, podcasts, articles, and our unique “privacy espressos” – a weekly series of 10 minutes live webinars (published afterwards also in podcast format) by which PrivacyRules provides its audiences with compressed privacy updates from all over the world.

Free of charge and without sponsors, we create and disseminate independent expert information hosting regulatory authorities, industry representatives, institutions and professionals working at the intersection of personal information protection, use, processing and transfer. Our speakers debate on how companies, institutions and policy makers should consider and mitigate current risks, adopt cybersecurity measures, and inform their clients and users concerning the challenges that the privacy community faces and will have to face in future.


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