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In this privacyespresso Andreas von Grebmer, Information Security Advisor at wizlynx group explains how GRC (Governance Risk Management & Compliance) and data privacy can contribute to value creation for a company. In order to do that, Andreas moves from our last session, where he’d emphasized how essential it is to break down the silos structure to leverage the full potential of...

Why never separate data privacy from GRC

In this privacyespresso Andreas von Grebmer, Information Security Advisor at Wizlynx group explains why businesses should never separate data privacy from Governance Risk Management & Compliance(GRC). After studying GRC for almost 20 years in regulated and unregulated industries Andreas shared his insights in order to raise awareness on this topic. In fact, even if there...


Take your coffee break with Kelly Dickson, managing principal lawyer at Macpherson Kelley, in Australia learning more on: – the latest developments in Australian privacy laws – the New South Wales and the 7-eleven cases of data breaches and – the latest report on the data breach of the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner Take your privacy coffee...

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