Secondary use of data for AI: global and European perspectives

Explore the Future of AI and Data Privacy on November 14, 2023, in Brussels at PrivacyRules conference

Discover the exciting intersection of AI and data privacy at the PrivacyRules conference on November 14, 2023 in Brussels, Belgium. Join us for an engaging event where thought leaders, industry experts, and innovators gather to delve into the evolving landscape of data usage in the world of Artificial Intelligence.

Unveiling Global Perspectives on Data and AI

In an era driven by data and powered by AI, understanding the global and European perspectives on the secondary use of data for AI is more crucial than ever. The event promises insightful discussions, deep dives into regulatory landscapes, and real-world case studies that shed light on how data protection, cybersecurity, and the AI Act shape our digital future.

Connect with Leaders and Experts

Engage with influential figures and domain experts as they share their expertise, experiences, and visions for a data-driven tomorrow. From legal challenges to the ethical use of AI, our speakers will guide you through a dynamic agenda designed to challenge your perceptions and broaden your horizons.

Your Opportunity to Engage and Learn

Participate in interactive sessions, pose your burning questions to the experts, and gain practical insights that can shape your approach to data and AI. Network with like-minded professionals, discuss the latest advancements, and establish valuable connections within this vibrant and forward-thinking community.

Key topics

  • Global approaches to regulating data use for AI training
  • Compliant AI use as a selling point
  • AI Act and secondary data use
  • GDPR meets AI regulation: secondary use of personal data
  • Cybersecurity challenges to data protection posed by AI



Les Ateliers des Tanneurs, Huidevettersstraat 60A rue des Tanneurs, B-1000 Brussels.
16:00 – 16:10
Introduction of topic and panel speakers

Introduction to some of the main legal challenges posed by AI world-wide (data protection, copyright andcybersecurity) and the answers from regulators and businesses.  


  • Geert Somers,  Partner Timelex
  • Mike Swift, Chief Global Digital Risk Correspondent at MLex
  • Pádraig Walsh, Chairperson of PrivacyRules and partner at Tanner De Witt
16:10 – 16:35
Global approaches to regulating data use for AI training

Overview of approaches in EU, US.


  • Mike Swift, Chief Global Digital Risk Correspondent at MLex


  • Jeremy Rollison, Senior Director of EU Government Affairs at Microsoft
  • Gene Price, Partner at Frost Brown Todd LLP
16:35 – 17:00
AI Act and secondary data use

How is secondary data use addressed under the EU AI law?


  • Geert Somers,  Partner Timelex


  • Gabriele Mazzini, DG CNECT of the European Commission (TBC)

  • Jan De Bruyne, Assistant professor IT law at KU Leuven Centre for IT & IP law and eLaw Leiden
17:00 – 17:25
GDPR meets AI regulation: secondary use of personal data

This session will bring a practical perspective to the issues created by AI under the data protection perspective. This will be based on what was debated in the previous sessions, the AI Act, but also other global regulatory initiatives.


  • Matthew Newman, Global Chief Correspondent for MLex


  • Lyndsay Wasser, Partner at McMillan LLP
  • Gintare Pazereckaite, Legal Officer at European Data Protection Board (EDPB)
17:25 – 18:00
Cybersecurity challenges to data protection posed by AI

AI has proven to be extremely useful and effective, but what is the dark side and what are the risks of its usage?


  • Sam Clark, Data Privacy & Security Reporter at MLex


  • Anna Pouliou, Chief Privacy Officer Mars Inc.
  • Ruben Roex, Partner at Timelex
  • Tony Kirtley, Director, Cyber Risk Partnerships at Secureworks
18:00 – 18:20
Questions from the moderator and the public

Event hosting member
Special thanks go to our Belgian expert Geert Somers and the Timelex team for making their facilities available to us to organise this event, which would not have been possible without their vital contribution and support.

MLex Moderators

Chief Global Digital Risk Correspondent at MLexMike Swift

Mike Swift is an award-winning journalist who has been at the forefront of covering data, privacy and cybersecurity regulatory news for more than a decade. As the Chief Global Digital Risk Correspondent for MLex, in addition to reporting, he coordinates MLex’s worldwide coverage in the practice area. Formerly chief Internet reporter for the San Jose Mercury News and, Mike has covered Google, Facebook, Apple, Uber, Microsoft, Twitter and other tech companies and has closely tracked technology and regulatory trends in Silicon Valley. He has wide ranging journalism expertise from the business of professional sports to computer-assisted reporting. A former John S. Knight Fellow at Stanford University, he is a graduate of Colby College.

Global Chief Correspondent at MLex Matthew Newman

Matthew Newman is Global Chief Correspondent for MLex, writing about data protection, privacy, telecoms, cyber security and AI. Matthew began his journalism career in 1991, moving to Brussels in 1999. He specialized in EU regulatory affairs, including trade and telecom issues, and began covering competition for Bloomberg News in 2004. He was named spokesman for the EU’s justice commissioner in 2010 and subsequently helped launch the commission’s proposal to overhaul data protection rules. A graduate of Boston University with degrees in history and journalism, and a diploma in competition law from King’s College, Matthew joined MLex in 2012.

Data Privacy & Security Reporter at MLexSam Clark

Sam Clark is a reporter covering digital policy and regulation for MLex. Sam has covered data privacy and security in the UK and Ireland for MLex since November 2021. He previously covered data protection for trade publication Global Data Review, as well as reporting on technology, media and telecoms businesses for S&P Global. He has a bachelor’s degree in history and a master’s degree in journalism, both from the University of Kent.

Confirmed guest speakers

Senior Director of EU Government Affairs at MicrosoftJeremy Rollison

Jeremy Rollison is Director of EU Government Affairs within Microsoft’s Corporate, External, & Legal Affairs (CELA) group. Based in Brussels, he focuses on cloud policy related to the EU Digital Single Market (DSM), with a particular emphasis on data issues and corresponding public policy covering privacy, cybersecurity, and the cross-border provision of online services.

Legal Officer at the EDPB Gintare Pazereckaite

Gintare Pazereckaite is legal officer at the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) focusing on data protection in relation to new technologies. She has over 10 year of experience in EU law, fundamental rights and data protection in public and private sectors.

Director, Cyber Risk Partnerships at SecureworksTony Kirtley

Tony has more than 23 years of experience in information security. He has built and led cybersecurity incident response teams for Fortune 500 companies and has a wide breadth of experience and knowledge in many aspects of information security in the private sector and the U.S. Military. ​

He retired from the Missouri Army National Guard in 2014 at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel after building and leading the nationally recognized Missouri National Guard Cyber Team.​

Chief Privacy Officer Mars IncAnna Pouliou

Anna Pouliou is an internationally recognised privacy and data protection expert and Chief Privacy Officer at Mars, an American multinational and leading manufacturer of confectionery, pet food, and other food products and a provider of animal care services.

Assistant professor IT law at KU Leuven Centre for IT & IP law and eLaw Leiden.Jan De Bruyne

Dr. Jan De Bruyne is Ass. professor of IT law at KU Leuven Centre for IT & IP law (CiTiP) and eLaw Leiden. He is editor of the book ‘Artificial intelligence and the law’. He acted as an expert on AI and liability for the European Economic and Social Committee and has been involved in the adoption of the UNESCO Recommendation on the ethics of AI.

Confirmed member speakers

Partner at Timelex Ruben Roex

Ruben Roex is partner at the international  business law firm Timelex, specialised in ICT and IP law.

Lawyer at McMillan LLPLyndsay Wasser

Lyndsay Wasser leads McMillan’s Data Management Group nationally. She is a strategic advisor to organizations in the technology industry. With over 15 years of experience in privacy and data protection law, Lyndsay advises on a broad range of matters, including, AI.

Partner at Frost Brown Todd LLPGene Price

Gene Price has substantial real-world experience in cybersecurity and data privacy. He focuses on Frost Brown Todd’s privacy and data security practice and incident response planning. Recently retired from the U.S. Navy as a Rear Admiral after 36 years of service, Gene returned to fulltime work as a civilian attorney in 2022. He devotes his time to counseling clients in cybersecurity compliance, data management, and privacy issues at the state and federal levels.

Chairperson of PrivacyRulesPádraig Walsh

Pádraig Walsh is the Chairperson of PrivacyRules, the world’s first and unique leading professional alliance of data privacy experts from the legal and tech disciplines.

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Details of the event

  • Date : 14 November 2023
  • Time : 4.00 PM to 6.30 PM (CET)
  • Location : Les Ateliers des Tanneurs, Huidevettersstraat 60A, 1000 Brussel, Belgium
  • In person event
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