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On Thursday 26th June 2022, PrivacyRules experts will be joining different sessions of the Privsec event “Last Thursday in privacy”, covering trending data protection topics.

·       Stephen Mathias, senior partner at Kochhar & Co will speak at the session: India’s Data Protection Dilemma: Will the PDP Bill Improve Protection of Personal Data? (7.00 AM – 7.45 AM). During this session, our expert will discuss the PDP Bill and its potential implications for data protection in India.

·       Luiza Sato, partner at TozziniFreire Advogados and Mariano Peruzzotti, partner at OJAMBF will speak at the session: Data Protection Regulations Worldwide: 2023 Overview of Current Horizon (10:00 AM – 10:45 AM). During this session, Luiza and Mariano will consider the challenges and opportunities that businesses face in complying with these regulations, and provide insights into the future direction of data protection laws.

·       Volker Wodianka Attorney At Law / Data Protection Officer at Wodianka privacy lawyers, will join the session: DPOs Balancing Act: Navigating the Roadblocks to a Successful Privacy Management Program (12.30 AM – 13.00 AM). During this session, Volker will explore how DPOs can get the support, resources and information they need to build a successful privacy management programme.

Register for the event 👉 http://bit.ly/3R2Camg