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In a period where AI has gained great vogue but is still little known, exploring the cybersecurity aspects of its use becomes fundamental. The overall objective of the document is to provide an overview of the cybersecurity of artificial intelligence (AI) standards, to assess their coverage potential gaps. To do that, the document analyses the...

The EDPB has announced the creation of a ‘task force’ to investigate ChatGPT demonstrating that the EU and global controls over artificial intelligence platforms are intensifying. The investigation into the US company OpenAI was launched by the Italian DPA in March 2023, together with a temporary ban on the processing of personal data of Italian...

Launched in November 2022 ChatGPT is a chatbot based on artificial intelligence (AI) capable of having a chat conversation with human users through its generative AI. Such AI models analyse a large amount of data fed to the model (input or training data) to generate new data (output or responses). This output can consist of...

On February 27, the Brazilian #DPA (the #ANPD) issued a very important resolution on the calculation and application of administrative sanctions. Luiza Sato, the PrivacyRules legal expert for Brazil, has prepared a series of slides to summarize the resolution. You can read the slides here Want to know more?  Don’t miss our coming PrivacyEspresso on...

In this article, the cybersecurity expert Chuck Brooks peruses emerging statistics and trends in cybersecurity to provide some perspective and analysis for 2023. In this landscape, the expert notes a raise in cybersecurity capabilities and awareness but, unfortunately, also a worringsome higher level of sophistication of cyber-attacks.

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