Members’ updatesNewsResourcesApril 2, 2023OJAMBF Certified B Corporation

We are proud to announce that our Argentinian member OJAMBF have been certified as a B Corporation by B Lab, the prestigious US-based nonprofit global organization.Juan Carlos Ojam, the company’s managing partner mentions: “The goal of joining the B Global Network and B Corp community was to emphasize how important it is to generate social, environmental, and organizational impact from our economic activity.”

OJAMBF is among the leading companies of the global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. There are only 7 other law firms in Latin America that have obtained this same certification. Regionally, there are 957 certified organizations, and in Argentina, the number reaches 265 certified companies.Since its launch as an independent company, OJAMBF have had a distinctive trait imprinted in its DNA: the excellence of the services offered by their team, to which they are undoubtedly proud to belong, and the constant search to positively impact, both within their organization and in the society and the environment.The certification as a B Corporation is the necessary consequence of their differential value. Because their culture aligns spontaneously with the standards required to obtain this recognition.Therefore, to obtain the certification, it was only necessary to document the actions that they have always undertaken and the qualities that have defined them from the beginning. Even so, during this process of formalization and documentation, they embarked on an invaluable path of self-knowledge, learning, and continuous improvement.The certification points them towards a new starting point that drives them to strengthen their deepest convictions, to pay attention to even the smallest details, and to multiply the work that has led them to be who they are today.OJAMBF is convinced that every action has an impact. That is why they work together to leave a mark, their contribution towards a better world.