Privacy espresso seriesResourcesMarch 30, 2023A quick overview of the privacy and security laws in Spain!

A new privacyespresso episode is out! This time with our Spanish expert Beatriz Rodriguez, from the law firm RocaJunyent, that provided us with an update on the privacy landscape in Spain.

Thanks to Beatriz, we learned that Spain has a quite complex framework of laws involving the usage of data and requiring compliance. As expected, GDPR is a relevant part of such a framework, however, it does not cover it all, and some other rules should be carefully considered and known.

In this regard, Beatriz also shared some practical suggestions on how foreign companies investing in the Spanish data business should move to reach a fully compliant stage swiftly.

Finally, Beatriz made a forecast on which may be the sectors that may fall under the Spanish DPA  attention the most over 2023, starting from health and IA!