HighlightsPrivacy espresso seriesResourcesApril 6, 2023Italian DPA ban on ChatGPT: which reasons and side effects?

In this privacyespresso Alessandro Di Mattia and Luca Egitto, one of the Italian key experts of the PrivacyRules alliance coming from the law firm RP Legal and Tax, delves into the recent temporary limitation of the Italian Garante on the US company processes.

Before exploring the red flags behind this decision, Luca explains the procedural approach of the Italian authority and the reasons and effects of this type of blockage of the processing activity. Then the discussion goes deeper into the main legal issues that have pushed the DPA to such a move.

In the second part of the discussion, the expert also envisages the possible solutions or, at least, which of the flagged issues seems to be easily solvable and why.

Finally, Luca also considers the possible EU and International effects of this case, reminding how the EU DPAs moved in precedent-similar cases and warning that not only the EU but also other authorities, starting from the US-FTC, are keeping the platform under close observation.