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The Danish DPA appreciates the efforts of the European Commission to secure an agreement with the United States on a plan that allows the flow of personal data across the Atlantic, yet they currently stand as a simple draft framework agreement. The draft is not yet concrete enough to make a difference to firms that...

Giorgio Jackson, the next Secretary General of the Chilean Presidency (Chile recently had elections that changed the governing majority), in a public address stated that the new Executive will prioritize the constitutional reform to make the right to privacy a constitutional right, and will also expedite the adoption of the new privacy law and the...

The Inspectorate of the Latvian DPA (Datum valsts inspeckija) has conducted an inspection regarding the use of cookies on the websites of the largest Latvian e-merchants. 29 websites of 26 merchants were inspected, of e-commerce websites offering goods and services to private citizens. Main verification addressed the compliance with the conditions for the use of cookies...

The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) has launched the first coordinated enforcement action pursuant to which 22 national supervisory authorities across the EEA (including the EDPS) will launch investigations into the use of cloud-based services by the public sector. Over 75 public bodies in total will be addressed across the EEA, including EU institutions, covering...


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