NewsApril 13, 2023EDPB to create a task force on Chat GPT

The EDPB has announced the creation of a ‘task force’ to investigate ChatGPT demonstrating that the EU and global controls over artificial intelligence platforms are intensifying.

The investigation into the US company OpenAI was launched by the Italian DPA in March 2023, together with a temporary ban on the processing of personal data of Italian data subjects, due to the alleged violations of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

OpenAI has now a deadline on April 30 to comply with the specific privacy requirements set out by the Garante. Also, since OpenAI does not have a local office in any European country, all the EU data protection authorities can open new investigations and bans. And in fact:
➡ The CNIL stated that it had already received complaints about ChatGPT and had started specific investigations
➡ The German data protection commissioner acknowledged the possibility to follow the Italian decision to block ChatGPT
➡ The Spanish Authority also said it did not rule out future investigations into the popular chatbot and asked the EDPB to assess the concerns relating to the protection of personal data raised by the OpenAI product.

The European Data Protection Board, the organization gathering all the European data protection authorities, met today and after discussing the recent enforcement action taken by the Italian Data Protection Authority against Open AI has decided to launch a dedicated task force to promote cooperation and exchange information on possible enforcement actions by data protection authorities.

Find the EDPB statement here