HighlightsPast eventsPrivacy espresso seriesResourcesJanuary 11, 2024The Intersection of Privacy Law & AI Technologies in Canada

In this privacyespresso episode, Kristen Pennington, partner at McMillan LLP, PrivacyRules Canadian law firm member, shares valuable insights into the latest guidance from Canadian privacy regulators concerning generative AI technologies (GenAI).

The authorities have co-published “Principles for responsible, trustworthy and privacy-protective generative AI technologies” – a crucial document for organizations navigating the complexities of GenAI systems within the Canadian privacy laws.

These principles are essential for developers, providers, and users alike, ensuring compliance and responsible use of personal information.

Key takeaways:

  • Inferring information about individuals through GenAI is considered a “collection” of personal info and requires legal authority.
  • Organizations must safeguard personal information against GenAI-specific risks, including prompt injection and model inversion attacks.

Action Steps:

  • Conduct comprehensive assessments and continuous monitoring of GenAI systems to ensure compliance
  • Develop robust data governance policies and conduct role-specific training.
  • Stay agile and ready to adapt to the rapid advancements and regulatory changes in GenAI.

The drive behind these principles? To align with the global movement for safe and responsible AI development and management, while awaiting further legislative reforms, such as those proposed in Bill C-27.

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