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We’re thrilled to share our latest Privacyespresso episode featuring Oksana Zadniprovska from Axon Partners, PrivacyRules Ukrainian law firm member. In this episode, we delve into recent developments in AI regulation in Ukraine and its alignment with EU standards. As Ukraine moves closer to EU integration, understanding its regulatory landscape becomes increasingly important.

Key points:

– Current status: Ukraine does not have a specific AI law yet, but is actively working towards one, influenced by the EU’s AI Act.

– Roadmap for AI regulation: The Ministry of Digital Transformation has published a roadmap, involving pre-legislative and legislative tracks, aimed at fostering AI development while protecting human rights.

– White Book on AI: Published on June 26th, it outlines Ukraine’s approach to AI regulation, focusing on business competitiveness, human rights, and Eu standards.

– AI use: While AI in the military is postponed, other sectors like IP and data protection are being actively considered.

– AI regulatory sandbox: A controlled environment for businesses to adapt their AI products to future legislation, supported by the state.

– Recommendations for businesses: The government has provided recommendations for responsible AI use, starting with the media sector, emphasizing principles like lawfulness, non-discrimination, risk assessment, data protection, and transparency.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of AI, privacy, and data protection within the evolving regulatory landscape in Ukraine. Oksana’s insights offer a unique perspective on how Ukraine is navigating these challenges and opportunities.

Tune in now to stay informed on the latest developments!

Listen to the full episode 👉  bit.ly/3VDMVhP

For those interested in exploring the “white book” on AI regulation (in Ukrainian) 👉  https://bit.ly/3L1Bmfu