HighlightsPrivacy espresso seriesResourcesUpcomingUpcoming eventsMarch 2, 2023The interplay between the GDPR and the Cyber Resilience Act

A new PrivacyEspresso episode where our Alessandro Di Mattia and Sarah Cannataci, data protection expert from the PrivacyRules exclusive law firm for Malta, Fenech & Fenech, examine the proposal for the Cyber Resilience Act, currently at the EU Commission adoption stage, also comparing it with the GDPR.

Over this session, the expert provides a general overview of the Act and focuses on how this proposal correlates with the GDPR analyzing the differences, similarities and common intent of the two.

Also, Sarah poses specific attention to the differences and similarities between the two on their respective provisions on how to notify security incidents, as this is already raising not little criticism as potential additional fatigue for the professionals in the sector.