Past eventsPrivacy espresso seriesResourcesJanuary 18, 2024Generative AI and the Law: What are the Possibilities and Risks?

In this privacyespresso episode we dive into a very hot topic – the use of generative AI tools in legal practice, with Siyanna Lilova, CEO of CuratedAI and lawyer in the field of data protection and technology.
Siyanna outlines the main applications of generative AI in day-to-day practice. She highlights how newly emerging automation tools can free up real time that lawyers spend on heavily time-consuming work with lower payoff. She dives deeper into specific problems that data protection and technology lawyers face, including the difficulty to get on top of the ever-changing regulatory landscape, and how AI solutions can help with that.
Implementing AI tools in daily practice, however, comes with some risks. The most notable ones are privacy considerations and the infamous hallucinations problems. Siyanna presents some of the available technical measures to mitigate those risks, such as data masking and retrieval augmented generation (RAG), in solutions that are built specifically for legal practitioners.
Finally, Siyanna presents CuratedAI – an AI assistant for data protection and technology legal professionals. The tool helps with researching and extracting information from the latest regulatory developments on an EU level and is currently expanding into supporting multilingual search for data protection authorities’ decisions, opinions and guidelines across Europe. You can test their beta version here.
For those who want to dive deeper into the topic of genAI and its applications in the legal industry, Siyanna is hosting a webinar with an esteemed panel of legal and tech experts on 24 January (Wednesday) at 16:00 CET. You can find more information and register here.