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Stephen Bonner, UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) Executive Director of Regulatory Futures and Innovation stated that the ICO welcomes the “news of Google’s revised approach to cookie consent. It’s a change we’ve been seeking through our ongoing discussions with Google and broader adtech work. The new ‘reject all’ option gives consumers greater control and balance...

The Inspectorate of the Latvian DPA (Datum valsts inspeckija) has conducted an inspection regarding the use of cookies on the websites of the largest Latvian e-merchants. 29 websites of 26 merchants were inspected, of e-commerce websites offering goods and services to private citizens. Main verification addressed the compliance with the conditions for the use of cookies...

The UK Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA) launched a competition investigation  in January 2021, over concerns that Google’s  proposals for third-party cookies would cause online advertising spending to become even more concentrated on Google, weakening competition and so harming consumers who ultimately pay for the cost of online advertising. The tech giant has now reviewed...

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