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(PARTE 1) Privacidad y ciberseguridad en el comercio electrónico – Sesión de PrivacyRules LatAm

Vea la grabación en español de la sesión LatAm LIVE en el contexto del evento internacional de 3 días sobre privacidad y ciberseguridad en el comercio electrónico organizado por PrivacyRules, celebrado del 1 al 3 de junio de 2021. El martes 1 de junio, nuestras primeras sesiones debatieron sobre #sociedaddigital, #privacidad y #comercio electrónico. Vaya...

Extracting data from mobile phones (and the cloud)

In the ever more #digitalized society, the importance of the #information stored on the #cloud grows higher and higher. Everyone is now relying on cloud storage and sharing of information. The same is also valid to #criminals. And there are many ways for the #law enforcement authorities to #access this information. But the real question...

The thin line between personal and non-personal data

What’s the distinction between personal data and non-personal data? How is this affecting the various international regulatory #frameworks? Watch this PrivacyRules webinar to disclose the “thin line between personal and non-personal data” with our guest speakers: – Michèle Finck from the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition – Parminder Jeet Singh, from IT for...

What’s up with the WhatsApp privacy policies?

Our global experts Gabriel Avigdor from datalex | digital lawyers (Switzerland), Padraig Walsh from Tanner De Witt (Hong Kong), Stephen Mathias from Kochhar & Co. (India), Markus Myhrberg from Lexia Attorneys (Finland), and Michael Nitardy from Frost Brown Todd (USA) explored, in a roundtable discussion, the new WhatsApp privacy policies and their impact from the...


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