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(PARTE 1) Privacidad y ciberseguridad en el comercio electrónico – Sesión de PrivacyRules LatAm

Vea la grabación en español de la sesión LatAm LIVE en el contexto del evento internacional de 3 días sobre privacidad y ciberseguridad en el comercio electrónico organizado por PrivacyRules, celebrado del 1 al 3 de junio de 2021. El martes 1 de junio, nuestras primeras sesiones debatieron sobre #sociedaddigital, #privacidad y #comercio electrónico. Vaya...

Extracting data from mobile phones (and the cloud)

In the ever more #digitalized society, the importance of the #information stored on the #cloud grows higher and higher. Everyone is now relying on cloud storage and sharing of information. The same is also valid to #criminals. And there are many ways for the #law enforcement authorities to #access this information. But the real question...

The thin line between personal and non-personal data

What’s the distinction between personal data and non-personal data? How is this affecting the various international regulatory #frameworks? Watch this PrivacyRules webinar to disclose the “thin line between personal and non-personal data” with our guest speakers: – Michèle Finck from the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition – Parminder Jeet Singh, from IT for...

What’s up with the WhatsApp privacy policies?

Our global experts Gabriel Avigdor from datalex | digital lawyers (Switzerland), Padraig Walsh from Tanner De Witt (Hong Kong), Stephen Mathias from Kochhar & Co. (India), Markus Myhrberg from Lexia Attorneys (Finland), and Michael Nitardy from Frost Brown Todd (USA) explored, in a roundtable discussion, the new WhatsApp privacy policies and their impact from the...

How cybercrime evolved during the Covid19 pandemic

Join the PrivacyRules first webinar of 2021 on cybercrime during the Covid19 pandemic! These are times when cybercrime is rampant and even the EU is thinking of enabling law enforcement exercise of advanced penetration of data. Our webinar provides useful independent information to a larger audience within Europe and abroad. Don’t miss the opportunity to...


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