ResourcesWebinarsJune 3, 2021Transferring e-commerce related data in and out of China

Transferring e-commerce related data in and out of China? Which are the legal implications and the main cybersecurity risks?

Keeping up with the global regulatory framework can be intimidating for e-commerce businesses. There is a multitude of laws that an entity must implement when setting up an e-commerce business.

In this recording, extrapolated in the context of a 3-day global event focused on privacy and cybersecurity in the e-commerce industry, PrivacyRules invited highly experienced guest speakers and its cybersecurity and legal experts to discuss the most important regulatory and cybersecurity elements pertaining to an e-commerce business set up in the Asian countries.

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Session 1: E-commerce regulatory frameworks worldwide: an Asian, EU and US perspective

00:00 Introduction

03:00 Jihong Chen China on “New Trends on Chinese Cybersecurity and Data Protection Law”

15:00 Yingyu Wang on “The first National E-commerce Standard in Singapore – one year on”

27:18 Akira Matsuda on “Transfering e-commerce related data in and out of China, Japan perspective and latest amendments”

40:23 Luca Egitto “E-commerce in the EU and GDPR: Selling online in the EU at the time of GDPR”

50:58 Michael Nitardy “A brief overview on Trends in US Privacy/Data Security law”

58:02 General question roundup on main requirements for e-commerce internationally

1:01:15 Concluding remarks

Session 2: Managing payment and supply chain cybersecurity risks in e-commerce

1:02:35 Introduction to session 2

1:05:13 Francis Chan with his analysis on “how e-commerce business has been developing and the new payment industry dynamics”

1:16:32 Introduction to case 1 scenario: how to support a fast-growing business

1:29:30 Introduction to case 2 scenario: fishing attack

1:41:17 Scenario 2 results

1:43:44 Scenario 3: data breach incident with online payment platforms

1:59:18 Event concluding remarks