Yingyu Wang

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  • Blockchain Cryptocurrency Privacy
  • Consumers Privacy
  • E-Commerce Privacy
  • GDPR
  • Intellectual Property Privacy
  • Labour and Employment Privacy
  • Media & Entertainment Privacy
  • Online Privacy
  • Retail Privacy
  • Social Media Privacy
  • Telecommunications Privacy


Yingyu Wang is the Managing Director of Taylor Vinters Via LLC.


  • She is active in commercial technology work and often assists clients in advocating for their IP ownership/licensing rights.
  • Having led negotiations on behalf of clients relating to various enterprise service projects across different sectors, including e-commerce, finance and med/health,
  • Ying has developed a deep appreciation of her clients’ concerns, regardless of whether they are providers or customers.

Invariably, many of their concerns relate to data, whether it is compliance with applicable regimes, processing of data through IOT/artificial intelligence or otherwise, dealing with data breaches. Ying is also humbled to be part of various landmark IP cases in Singapore and contributed to the development of IP law in Singapore. Her experience in both contentious and transactional work within the intellectual property domain helps in crafting solutions that balance legal risks and commercial considerations. Her experience with technology and IP issues assists in joint ventures and M&As involving companies with substantive IP assets. Taylor Vinters Via Is one of the leading intellectual property law firms and highly regarded for its technology law practice in Singapore.