WebinarsSeptember 29, 2021Cyber Solutions to prevent a Data Breach: what insurance companies should foresee

Watch this webinar ​and learn about the services offered by the PrivacyRules’ Cybersecurity Partnership Program and how their tailored implementation allows companies and insurances to save money and foster data privacy.

A group of experienced cybersecurity providers will address their effective solutions for cyber insurances, focusing on prevention rather than response.

The event starts with a concise introduction of our Cybersecurity Partnership Program and how it addresses the needs of cyber insurers, a legal perspective on the main concerns in case of cyber crisis, and how adopting a cybersecurity unorthodox approach provides added value to this industry.

Conference opening
00:00 Welcome ​and intro by PrivacyRules
7:32 Introduction​, the cybersecurity perspective
13:33 Introduction​, the legal framework perspective
22:27 ​What you’ll find in this conference

The conference continues with five individual presentations:
23:16 ​Deep Secure – Customer data – importing threat free content through digital transformation
34:37 ​Wizlynx Group – Cyber insurers need to bet on prevention, not only on recovery
42:35 ​Innovery S.p.A. – Phishing, old but effective: analysis of fraud scenarios and countermeasures
54:35 KnectIQ – Understanding breach risk: cyber strategies and tools to reduce frequency and severity
1:10:36 Conclusions