ResourcesWebinarsMay 6, 2021The thin line between personal and non-personal data

What’s the distinction between personal data and non-personal data? How is this affecting the various international regulatory #frameworks?

Watch this PrivacyRules webinar to disclose the “thin line between personal and non-personal data” with our guest speakers:

– Michèle Finck from the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition

– Parminder Jeet Singh, from IT for Change

and the PrivacyRules experts:

– Stephen Mathias from Kochhar & Co. in India

Jean-Christophe CHEVALLIER from Ydès Avocats in France – Michael Nitardy from Frost Brown Todd in the USA

Sergey Medvedev, PhD, LLM from Gorodissky & Partners in Russia

This diverse panel of international speakers will debate on the Indian law process of regulating the non-personal data sector comparing it with the EU law and international framework.