ResourcesWebinarsDecember 3, 2020PrivacyRules annual event at Iwata Godo in Japan, session 1: International data transfer compliance

PrivacyRules e-conference at our Japanese member Iwata Godo, 3 December 2020

The title of the e-conference was “International data transfer compliance and data breach prevention for transnational businesses”.

Session 1 has been moderated by Akira Matsuda (our host from Japan), debating with Yingyu Wang (Singapore), Jihong Chen (China), Agnieszka Wiercińska-Krużewska (Poland), and Kim Walker (UK) on:

– Establishing an effective compliance system for cross-border data transfers what should businesses focus on?

– What is the difference between domestic data transfer compliance and international data transfer compliance?

– What is the best way to monitor the data flows? – How do you comply when a business uses overseas processors?