Privacy espresso seriesResourcesJune 2, 2022How does Cyber Threat Intelligence relates to data privacy and data breaches?

In this privacyespresso, our #cybersecurity Partner wizlynx group provided us with two experts to discuss Cyber Threat Intelligence under the data privacy perspective:

Giovanni Silvestre, Vice President Business Development & Sales at wizlynx group

– Herro Zoutendijk, Regional Director EMEA at Constella Intelligence, a CTI Vendor partnering with wizlynx.

But what is Cyber Threat Intelligence?
Giovanni explains that CTI is knowledge about existing or emerging menaces and hazards to people and assets. CTI consists of collecting, processing and analyzing data and information to understand threat actors’ motives, targets and attack behaviours.

The aim is to help customers make faster and more efficient security decisions and move from a reactive to a proactive approach, to predict, anticipate and better contrast threat actors’ moves.

CTI is crucial for companies of all sizes. Wizlynx provides different types of CTI services in order to serve customers from the strategic, operational, tactical and technical standpoint.

To collect, interpret, process, organize and manage the threat intelligence information and data in the right way, know-how is needed, but also adequate tools.

When it comes to discovering, monitoring and anticipating threats targeting people, assets, and brands, the contribution provided by the platform made available by Constella Intelligence makes the difference in terms of efficacy, efficiency, integration capabilities and performance.

Herro explains why all these services are needed within an integrated approach and why CTI is key nowadays:

Firstly, smaller enterprises and individuals underestimate the risk of a data breach. According to an article on the growing frauds in pension plans, accounts have a much higher balance than an average checking account and far less security, making them cybercriminals’ targets. This explains how data breaches can hit everyone, large and small companies, if not individuals.

Secondly, Herro addressed the impact of the GDPR and EU DPAs in reducing security risks. However, they have been falling short in terms of traceability of actual exposures as companies tend not to disclose the breach immediately. Also, this leads to “dwell times” (time between the violation and the moment it is discovered). This cause slow incident response and risk of higher fines, other than an additional opportunity for attackers.

Also, the Constella 2021 report detected 66,000 breaches involving 42 billion personal data.

For these reasons, Wizlynx and Constella combined their services, including the Dome platform. Uniquely, Dome automates the collection of billions of data points and access thousands of proprietary and public data to reduce the volume of data requiring human analysis. This allows companies to focus on responding to actual threats.

Watch this video during your coffee break to learn more about this topic and the related Wizlynx Group’s capabilities.