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The website of the LockBit ransomware operations, a space where the hackers were publishing the data stolen through their operations, fell offline due to a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack allegedly launched in response to the cybercriminals. Read more on Security Week.

The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity, ENISA, has released this new report to share insights on ransomware incidents by mapping and analyzingthem from May 2021 to June 2022. One of the main findings of this report is that ransomware attacks rapidly adapts and evolve, becoming more and more intrusive each time. As a result, businesses...

The tech giant CISCO has been breached in late May 2022, and immediately controlled the diffusion of the news of the breach to mitigate averse effects in media, customers, and eventually the stock exchange. The cybercriminal group Yanluowang is behind the attack, and gave a very concise announcement on the fact that succeeded to infiltrate...

The US State of Florida has adopted a Law that prohibits State Agencies to pay for ransomware and requires them to report incidents to the State’s Cybersecurity Operations Center (“CSOC”), the Cybercrime Office of the Department of Law Enforcement and local sheriff within 12 hours from the discovery. The Act previously required reporting of certain...

The cybercriminals group BlackHat has claimed ransomware attacks against Creos, an energy network operator, and the supplier Enovos in the night of July 22. Both companies are under the Encevo Group, an energy corporation owned by the government of Luxembourg and several other companies, including China Southern Power Grid International. Creos helps run the country’s electricity...

Hive cybercriminal group started operating in June 2021 and has reportedly breached more than 350 organizations just in the past four months. Among their main targets are healthcare and education organizations. Among its victims are now the Wootton Upper School and Kimberley College — both owned by Wootton Academy Trust in Bedfordshire – in England....


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