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In our last PrivacyRules PrivacyEspresso episode, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting Rafe Pilling, Global Director of Threat Intelligence at SecureWorks.

In this episode, we dive deep into the recent disruption of Lockbit, one of the most dangerous ransomware operations worldwide. Rafe shares incredible insights into their takedown and the substantial impact this operation has on cybersecurity and criminal operations.

Key takeaways from the episode:

– Lockbit’s significant market share in global ransomware attacks and the implications of their disruption.

– Short-term and long-term effects of law enforcement’s operation against Lockbit.

– SecureWorks’ pivotal role in providing intelligence and resources in the fight against ransomware.

This conversation sheds light on the complexities of cyber threats and the importance of collaborative efforts between the private sector and law enforcement in enhancing global cybersecurity.

Tune in to learn why even criminal organizations aren’t immune to reputational damage and how strategic cybersecurity operations can make a difference.

Listen to the podcast episode here : https://bit.ly/48PK5ut