HighlightsPast eventsPrivacy espresso seriesResourcesMarch 7, 2024EU Round of Adequacy Decisions: Argentina and Uruguay data protection journey


In this privacyespresso episode, we delved into the EU’s recent adequacy decision concerning Argentina and Uruguay. Mariano Peruzzotti and Juan Manuel Pittaluga, legal experts from our Argentian and Uruguyan member firms OJAMBF and Pittaluga, provided an in-depth discussion on the sustained compliance efforts that have affirmed their status in line with GDPR standards.

Both jurisdictions have demonstrated robust enhancements in their data protection frameworks, reflecting Argentina’s establishment of an independent data authority and Uruguay’s legislative reforms to align with European privacy norms.

This confirmation of adequacy underlines the countries’ commitment to privacy as a fundamental right and is crucial for businesses operating across these borders.

Listen to the podcast for a comprehensive understanding of these developments and their implications for global data privacy compliance : https://bit.ly/3VaRl0S

Read the article to dive deep into this topic : https://bit.ly/49DY5ZN