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The UK government has published its response to the consultation on the Data Reform Bill that was opened in September 2021. The Government intends to adopt several changes to boost businesses while protecting consumers’ personal data. With a series of measures, the Government would improve data protection standards, reform the UK DPA institution (Information Commissioner’s...

The press release of the UK Information Commissioner Office (ICO) informs that the Commissioner has called on the criminal justice sector to immediately stop collecting excessive amounts of personal information from victims of rape and serious sexual assault cases. The call is published in a Commissioner’s Opinion which informs the sector how to use victims’ personal...

Stephen Bonner, UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) Executive Director of Regulatory Futures and Innovation stated that the ICO welcomes the “news of Google’s revised approach to cookie consent. It’s a change we’ve been seeking through our ongoing discussions with Google and broader adtech work. The new ‘reject all’ option gives consumers greater control and balance...

H&L Business Consulting was fined 80,000 GBP by the British Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for sending thousands of unsolicited marketing text messages. H&L was discovered to have sent 378,538 spam marketing messages between January and July 2020, resulting in over 300 complaints. The communications offered a “government-backed” debt management organisation that the Financial Conduct Authority...

Set to replace GDPR’s Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs), the International Data Transfer Agreement and Addendum have come into effect. Pursuant to Brexit, cross border transfer to and fro from UK will now take place through the Agreement or the Addendum. They also take into consideration the binding judgment of the CJEU, i.e. Schrems II. Find...

The UK Information Commissioners’ Office (ICO) published a guidance for organizations that capture CCTVs footage. The guidance provides advice for when they operate video surveillance systems that view or record individuals. It also covers information that relates to individuals, for example vehicle registrations captured by Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) equipment. It explores emerging capabilities...


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