Privacy espresso seriesResourcesMay 26, 2022Recent trends of the Israeli Privacy Law: a practical overview on its past, present and future

In this privacyespresso, Haim Ravia, Senior Partner and Chair of the Cyber, Privacy & Copyright Group at Pearl Cohen, explains the recent proposal of the Israeli Government to amend the current Privacy Law, one of the most prominent and innovative laws back in 1981, but in need of a significative update nowadays.

After a brief overview of the actual stage of the privacy framework in Israel, and the newest amendments proposed to strengthen its privacy framework, Haim also compares it to the GDPR, coming to unexpected conclusions. Finally, Haim also provides some practical examples of the most troubling issues for companies operating under the privacy protection regime of Israel, also indicating possible solutions.

Here are the three main takeaways you can learn from this espresso:

1. The actual Israeli framework and its proposed amendments

2. The possible effects of these amendments, the lack of legal certainty behind them, and the practical approach taken by Israeli companies

3. The risk of the Israeli Privacy Law not being deemed adequate under the EU Law

4. The connections between the Israeli Law and the GDPR, with the EU law becoming the best way to comply with the Israeli Law at this given stage.