HighlightsPrivacy espresso seriesResourcesOctober 19, 2023Navigating the EU-US Data Flows Deal: Challenges and Opportunities


In this new episode of the privacyespresso series, we discuss the critical topic of international data transfers and the EU-US data protection framework. Together with Sam Clark, privacy and security reporter at MLex, and Siyanna Lilova, lawyer at Timelex, we explore the recent EU-US data transfer agreement, its significance and the challenges it may face in the future.

International #data transfers between the EU and US underpin trillions of dollars of trade, but have been turbulent in recent years thanks to a succession of court challenges. A new deal agreed earlier this year has now come into force, allowing personal data to flow more freely – but yet another case at the EU’s top court is considered inevitable.

The European Court of Justice is likely to focus on two key issues: the necessity and proportionality of data collection for US surveillance, and Europeans’ access to legal redress in the US. Officials on both sides say they’re confident the deal will stand up to legal scrutiny, but companies and their lawyers have become wary of such promises. A third defeat at the court would likely accelerate nascent efforts to build a multilateral data transfers model.

Join us as we delve into the EU-US Data Sharing Agreement, its significance and the potential challenges it may face, including the inevitable #Schrems III challenge. We discuss legal nuances, concepts of necessity/proportionality and access to redress mechanisms, and offer insights into the future of data protection agreements.

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