HighlightsPrivacy espresso seriesResourcesOctober 26, 2023AI Litigation in the US: Unpacking Copyright & Privacy Battles


In this new episode of the privacyespresso series, we share insights on the latest developments in AI litigation in the US! Join Siyanna Lilova, from Timelex and Mike Swift, Chief Global Digital Risk Correspondent for MLex, as they delve into the evolving landscape of class action lawsuits in the tech world.

We’re witnessing a surge of litigation involving major AI companies like OpenAI, These cases center around two key claims: copyright infringement and privacy violations.

Copyright concerns arise from the usage of large language models, like chatGPT, allegedly incorporating copyrighted content without compensation to creators, sparking legal battles over intellectual property rights.

On the other front, privacy breaches are a significant central point, with allegations of illegal data appropriation and violations of privacy laws such as the California Privacy Rights Act.

Currently, these cases are at an early stage, primarily revolving around motions to dismiss. While the legal journey may last years, it’s crucial to watch these lawsuits closely as they could redefine AI company practices faster than legislative measures.

Interestingly, these legal battles are similar to past disputes over technology, notably the smartphone wars. The geographical concentration of lawsuits in the San Francisco Bay Area and the involvement of key legal players feels like deja vu in the tech legal landscape.

Share your thoughts on the implications of these lawsuits and stay tuned for more updates on this evolving legal landscape! 

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