HighlightsPrivacy espresso seriesResourcesSeptember 28, 2023Navigating Data Privacy in Mergers & Acquisitions: A DPO’s Perspective


In this insightful video, PrivacyRules expert Padraig Walsh from the Hong Kong-based law firm Tanner De Witt, delves into the crucial role of a Data Privacy Officer (DPO) post-merger or acquisition. As the newly acquired business becomes an integral part of the organization, data privacy concerns transition from external to internal. Here’s a brief overview of key considerations to keep in mind:

Immediate Priorities:

 – Notify regulators and data subjects, adhering to legal obligations.

 – Review and assess the existing data privacy policies of the acquired business to ensure compliance.

Integration Planning:

 – Initiate a comprehensive risk assessment by analyzing due diligence reports, particularly focusing on personal data aspects.

 – Conduct a gap analysis comparing existing processes and procedures to tailor integration strategies.

Stakeholder engagement:

 – Engage with internal stakeholders to align strategies for data integration with the broader organizational goals.

 – Evaluate and allocate necessary resources, defining a clear budget and timeline for effective implementation.

Policy Harmonization:

 – Review and adapt key documents, policies, and procedures, paying special attention to sensitive areas like employee and HR data, financial data, and vendor management.

Global Compliance Readiness:

 – Examine international data transfer processes and assess compliance with diverse jurisdictional requirements.

Mergers and acquisitions require a strategic approach to data privacy integration, including meticulous planning, communication, and a strong commitment to privacy principles. 

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