HighlightsPrivacy espresso seriesResourcesMay 11, 2023ChatGPT reinstated in Italy: recent changes and possible future

As a follow-up to our privacyespresso on the ChatGPT ban by the Italian DPA (that you can find here), this second privacyespresso episode see Alessandro Di Mattia and Luca Egitto from RP Legal & Tax, the exclusive member law firm for the Italian jurisdiction in the PrivacyRules alliance, updating you on the latest development on this case.

In just 10 minutes talk, you’ll learn about the critical changes addressed by OpenAI to align with the list of privacy implementations required by the Italian DPA at the time of the AI platform’s suspension. Thanks to such changes, ChatGPT is now available in Italy again!

Additionally, Luca delves into the key issues that remain still open. In particular, he explains the complex scenario behind this case by reviewing it from the legal, business and social /educational perspectives.

Finally, Luca comments on the future developments of ChatGPT and the potential issues it may still raise in the future, some of which go into the broader conundrum of the real control that owner companies have over their AI systems and what they should do to ensure data protection while using them.

If you want to know more about this topic, watch this privacyespresso here