Privacy espresso seriesResourcesNovember 10, 2022Why is Communication an integral part of nowadays’ businesses ?

In this privacyespresso we learn from Elizabeth Jones, Managing Director of WITH , a UK-based communication company member of the PrivacyRules alliance, the importance of good communication for businesses nowadays.

First of all, Elizabeth clarifies to us what communication involves, as this is too often associated with the only sales and marketing side of a company. In truth, there is much more, as communication is key for the internal management of the company as well as for its public reputation.

Furthermore, we delve into the relevant role that communication can have in supporting #privacy-related matters. In this regard, there is a significant need for consistency in both good and bad times. In fact, previous relevant cases have demonstrated that companies having well-structured communication plans and a defined role within society have better handled difficult times often related to a databreach or a violation of their systems.

Elizabeth also provides some tips on how a company should prepare its communication plan in supporting privacy-related matters, listing the “4-c” approach. According to her, those are the four main principles to be respected for a good communication plan in the dataprivacy sector:

1. Control
2. Clarity
3. Compassion
4. Competence

Finally, Elizabeth lists the main services that communication companies can bring to organisations dealing with high volumes of data:

1. Positioning your business within society by using specific messaging
2. Being prepared to recover in case of impactful issues
3. Having a more functional strategic implementation of the company’s image in the long term

If you want to learn more about this topic, take a quick break watching this privacyespresso!