Privacy espresso seriesResourcesSeptember 29, 2022The role of communication in the privacy & cybersecurity sector

In this PrivacyEspresso we speak with Hugh Mansfield, an expert in Crisis Communication in Canada and the US from the McMillan Vantage Policy Group, a Communication member of the PrivacyRules Alliance.

According to Hugh, communication is taking a leading role in nowadays business. In particular, communication doesn’t focus on one-to-many strategies anymore but on one-to-one strategies by focusing on specific sectors, channels and tools. In other words, communication has become a science, and it is so complex that it requires new and flexible approaches and specific expertise.

With regards to cyber crisis, they are the most common type of bad news nowadays. To make it more complex, there is much more pressure on communication due to the growing requests for notification within stringent times, such as notification requests within 48 hours.

Of Course, communication has a crucial role in Privacy as well. This is especially true in complex situations like Data Breaches. Here you need to be prepared to ask the right question to quickly build up the case and understand the company’s stage. Generally, companies with pre-structured crisis communication plans are the only ones to prevent the situation from worsening. This is true because the most relevant phase is the first 48 hours, in which you may have to handle and communicate with insisting subjects like national authorities of control. Unfortunately, in Hugh’s experience, most companies don’t have a plan.

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