HighlightsPrivacy espresso seriesResourcesJuly 6, 2023The importance of synthetic data in data privacy

In this privacyespresso, Luca Egitto, Privacyrules expert from the Italian law firm RP Legal and Tax, delved into the fascinating field of synthetic data and explored its various dimensions.

During our discussion, Luca Egitto, shared with us his expertise on the concept of synthetic data, shedding light on its intricacies and applications. We explored how synthetic data is artificially generated, replication of real-world data while ensuring privacy and confidentiality.

Luca, further delves into the implications of synthetic data in both the machine learning and marketing sectors. We explored how it enables organizations to develop and enhance machine learning models without compromising sensitive or personal information. Moreover, we discovered how synthetic data paves the way for data-driven marketing strategies while ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

Finally, one of the most pressing topics we explored was whether synthetic data can provide a viable solution to the EU-US data transfer issue. Luca Egitto shared his insights on how synthetic data can be leveraged to bridge the gap between stringent EU data protection regulations and the need for seamless cross-border data transfers.