ResourcesJuly 9, 2022The Finnish Data Protection Commissioner fines Otavamedia for deficiencies in the implementation of data protection rights

The Finnish Data Protection Commission has fined Otavamedia with €85.000 for not adequately guaranteeing responses to users requests or enquiries concerning their data protection rights. In the case at hand Otavamedia received some data protection requests which were not responded due to a technical issue in the e-mail redirect when service providers were changed. Due to this error, email containing the requests were not redirected to the customer service. Additionally, the Finnish Data Protection Commission found out that the template for data subject requests that could be filed in hard copy war needing the person’s signature for identification purposes. The Commission found that through this method, Otavamedia gathered an excessive amount of information for identification. The Finnish Data Protection Commission noted that the reported problems hindered the exercise of data subject rights, resulting in the controller deficiencies in the implementation of the rights of the data subject via the e-mail channel. Find the decision in Finnish language here.