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The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) has announced the issuance of a €405m fine against Meta Platforms Ireland Limited (Instagram), as it concluded an inquiry began in 2020 which involved other European DPAs and the European Data Protection Board. The inquiry referred to Instagram’s processing of child users’ personal data, and particularly the social media...

The Korean Personal Information Protection Commission (PIPC) has fined Google and Meta tech giants for the use of tracking services to monitor online activity of users and target them with advertisement, without their consent. The combined fine amounts to USD72m. The decision can be appealed within 90 days. Find more at the PIPC website (in...

The CNIL has imposed a fine of 600,000 euros on ACCOR for having carried out commercial prospecting without the concerned data subjects’ consent and for not respecting the rights of customers and prospects. Read More

Aljazeera reports that the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) has fined Didi with about USD 1.2bn for “egregious” violations of data security rules, since it found that it had illegally collected customer information since 2015 and handled data in a way that endangered national security. Among the breaches sanctioned by CAC are illegal storage of...

The Finnish Data Protection Commission has fined Otavamedia with €85.000 for not adequately guaranteeing responses to users requests or enquiries concerning their data protection rights. In the case at hand Otavamedia received some data protection requests which were not responded due to a technical issue in the e-mail redirect when service providers were changed. Due...

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