Members’ updatesNewsJune 17, 2022Taking Control: Proactive Data Breach Preparedness and Responsible Incident Management

Data breaches, and ransomware attacks in particular, have the potential to create critical challenges for organizations, including legal exposure, operational interruptions, reputational harm and resulting financial losses. In ransomware scenarios, bad actors attempt to exploit these risks to secure hefty extortion payments under tight deadlines, often leaving their victims scrambling to make crucial decisions in mercilessly short periods of time.

Join us on Tuesday, June 21st as members of our Privacy and Technology Groups discuss how your organization can proactively prepare in order to be in control if and when an incident occurs and to take measured and responsible steps to prevent and manage the associated legal and business risks.

Mitch Koczerginski Partner, Privacy & Data Protection, Kristen Pennington Partner,Privacy & Data Protection, Greg John Counsel, Technology and Marie-Eve Jean Associate, Litigation & Dispute Resolution will discuss the following topics :

  • The importance of taking a regular inventory of your organization’s data assets and understanding the applicable legal and regulatory framework
  • Forthcoming incident reporting obligations in Québec and what your organization can do to prepare for compliance
  • Proactive steps your organization can take to prevent breaches and to minimize potential legal and business risks if a breach occurs
  • The key elements of a well-considered incident response plan