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In this article, the cybersecurity expert Chuck Brooks peruses emerging statistics and trends in cybersecurity to provide some perspective and analysis for 2023. In this landscape, the expert notes a raise in cybersecurity capabilities and awareness but, unfortunately, also a worringsome higher level of sophistication of cyber-attacks.

Forbes publishes an interesting article on why the use of consent-management platforms (CMPs) risk of being insufficient to ensure compliance with complex privacy regulations. Find the article here for a deep-dive in this thorough analysis which unveils the risk that data handling companies face all over the world.

Dimitri Shelest, member of the Forbes Technology Council, writes an interesting article explaining why companies should invest in privacy for and around their employees. Dimitri writes that “privacy protection solutions give people more control over their personal information, empowering them to regain their privacy online. At a time when employees are leaving their jobs at...

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