Privacy espresso seriesResourcesDecember 14, 2023Synthetic Data: Transforming Marketing and Privacy

In this privacyespresso episode, we’ve had the pleasure of discussing the fascinating world of scientific data with Mira Suleimenova, Director of Compliance and Legal at Jentis.

In this episode, we delved into the distinctions between real and synthetic data, especially in the context of privacy protection. Mira shed light on how synthetic data can revolutionize online marketing, liberating businesses from the challenges associated with real-time user data collection through cookies and third-party tools.

Exploring the future of marketing, Mira emphasized how synthetic data allows for precise targeting without compromising user privacy. The conversation addressed diverse applications, from research insights to AB testing, providing a nuanced understanding of how synthetic data aligns with evolving privacy regulations.

Mira also highlighted the legal aspect, classifying synthetic data as pseudonymous data, offering a unique blend of privacy enhancement and data utility. We further discussed the intricate balance organizations face in ensuring the quality and validity of synthetic data. Integration of technology in training algorithms emerged as a crucial factor, enabling the generation of realistic datasets that mirror user behavior while safeguarding individual privacy.

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