Privacy espresso seriesResourcesMarch 9, 2023Overview of the Brazilian Data Protection Authority Resolution No. 4

In this privacyespresso the PrivacyRules legal expert for Brazil, Luiza Sato from the law firm TozziniFreire Advogados, provides an overview of the Brazilian DPA’s(ANPD) resolution on the calculation and application of administrative sanctions.

According to Luiza, this resolution will play a key role in the sector as it (i) describes the standards and criteria for the application of administrative sanctions by the ANPD for violations of the LGPD, and (ii) defines the methods to calculate fines. This will help the authority in being more effective in its enforcement practice!

Also, based on this, Luiza expects the ANPD to start imposing sanctions very soon. Based on recent ANPD’s announcements, there are already some cases close to be ruled, so we can expect the first decisions to be released in the first half of 2023.

Finally, Luiza reminds us that LGPD is also applicable to foreign companies by indicating all the cases in which such businesses would be subjected to the ANPD controls.

To know more, watch this privacy espresso and have a look at Luiza’s summary slides on the topic here here