Privacy espresso seriesResourcesDecember 22, 2022Medibank case analysis, episode 2: The legal perspective

Following up on our previous privacyespresso, where we analysed the Medibank case from the cybersecurity perspective, we decided to have a new episode to look at the issue from the legal standpoint.

For this reason, Kelly Dickson from Macpherson Kelley (Australian exclusive law firm member of PrivacyRules) joined us to share her experience and advice on how to manage similar situations.

Thanks to Kelly, in this espresso, we receive more details on what happened and how the case is still evolving. Also, we can learn which can be the cost considerations when a data breach occurs and receive some expert tips on what to do in case of a ransom.

To learn more about this case and the legal implications of a data breach, watch this privacyespresso here