Kelly Dickson

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  • Banking Privacy
  • Capital Markets Privacy
  • Corporate Privacy
  • Financial Privacy
  • Health Privacy
  • Immigration Privacy
  • Insurance Privacy
  • Intellectual Property Privacy
  • Labour and Employment Privacy
  • Media & Entertainment Privacy
  • Natural Resources Privacy
  • Online Privacy


Kelly Dickson is the Managing Principal Lawyer of Macpherson Kelley’s Dandenong (Victoria, Australia) office.  Macpherson Kelley is a full service Australian commercial law firm, committed to providing law fit for business, with offices in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Kelly holds over 17 years of professional experience within the commercial legal sector, particularly in the commercial and trade aspects.

Kelly leads the Macpherson Kelley team of Privacy and Data Protection lawyers.  Kelly’s privacy and data protection related practice is broad and dynamic, which is testament to her technical expertise, her breadth of experience and the wide variety of businesses and industries to which she advises.   On any given day, you will find Kelly’s team advising on the full range of privacy and data protection compliance, conducting privacy audits, drafting and reviewing required internal policies and procedures, advising on and resolving customer / client complaints, and liaising with privacy regulators.

Macpherson Kelley’s privacy and data protection practice is globally focused, both inbound and outbound.  Macpherson Kelley acts on local regulatory and trading requirements for well over 150 local subsidiaries of multi-national companies, and the Privacy and Data Protection lawyers work repeatedly and frequently with many of them (whether at local AU subsidiary level or liaising with Group Counsel headquartered overseas).

Macpherson Kelley’s association with the PrivacyRules alliance means that clients’ multi-jurisdictional privacy needs can be efficiently actioned by a global team of known and trusted colleagues, each of whom share the same goal to help resolve our clients issues and to help them succeed in business.

Kelly is the chair of PrivacyRules’ Business Development Committee, which actively seeks and assesses strategic opportunities to partner with aligned businesses and develop PrivacyRules’ client relationships around the world.  The Business Development Committee supports the training and educational initiatives that PrivacyRules members provide.