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In this privacyespresso episode, Yugo Nagashima partner at Frost Brown Todd, PrivacyRules law firm member for the United States, delves into the newly proposed American Privacy Rights Act of 2024, which aims to reshape privacy law in the U.S.

Episode Highlights:

  Overview of APRA: Learn about what’s new in this proposal compared to previous attempts at federal privacy legislation. Understand the nuances of “covered data” and how it aligns with personal data definitions similar to the GDPR.

  Consumer Data Rights: Explore how APRA mirrors GDPR in giving consumers rights to access, correction, deletion, and portability of their data.

  Data Minimization and Compliance Roles: Discover the similarities in data minimization principles and the requirements for data protection roles under both GDPR and APRA.

  Federal vs. State Laws: Yugo discusses the impact of APRA on existing state laws, exploring the preemption clause that could standardize privacy regulations across the U.S.

  Sector-Specific Regulations: Gain insight into how APRA interacts with sector-specific laws like HIPAA and FERPA, which are carved out from the act’s provisions.

Yugo also shares practical advice on what businesses should do today to prepare for potential changes, emphasizing the importance of understanding the law’s implications on corporate privacy practices.

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