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PrivacyRules - Zhong Lun e-conference on data breach management

Case Study

A Chinese multinational company (MNC) applying AI to its industrial processes, collects and transfers data among its international offices and subsidiaries including sub-contractors. Many of these data are collected through the MNC & subsidiaries' online platforms. There is the suspect of a data breach. In compliance with the applicable rules and according to best cybersecurity processes, what should the MNC:

  • Have done in order to prevent the breach?

  • Do to identify and interrupt the breach?

The live event recording is now available on our YouTube Channel and will be soon available on our Youku channel here!!

PrivacyRules and Zhong Lun (China) held an e-conference on data breach management for multinational companies on 8 July 2020. Legal and cybersecurity experts from three continents debated the topic, during which PrivacyRules also introduced its upcoming global data breach prevention and response mechanism.

PrivacyRules Chinese founding member from Zhong LunJihong Chen, outlined Chinese legal requirements for privacy compliance and data breach response. The e-conference offered specific insights on an interesting case study related to a suspect data breach against a Chinese multinational company that applies AI to its industrial processes. The first session of the e-conference saw the analysis of top legal advisors Michael Nitardy from Frost Brown Todd in the USA, Volker Wodianka from SKW Schwarz in Germany, Yingyu Wang from Taylor Vinters Via in Singapore and Akira Matsuda from Iwata Godo in Japan. The second session was focused on cybersecurity solutions to protect data, with the participation of PrivacyRules founding tech expert Ken Morris from KnectIQ, as well as Mark Whittley from Blackpanda and Kevin Lee from Horangi.

Nearly 200 participants, including representatives of the largest multinational companies operating from and in China, attended the event.

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Download the slides of our experts here:

– Details about the hosting member, Zhong Lun Law Firm

– Details of our Tech guest Horangi

– Black Panda DFIR process document

– Introduction from the PrivacyRules CEO Andrea Chmieliński Bigazzi

– Introduction to session 1 from Jihong Chen: How to manage a cross-jurisdictional data breach

– Presentation of Akira Matsuda from Iwata Godo, Japan

– Presentation of Volker Wodianka from SKW Schwarz, Germany

– Introduction to session 2 from Ken Morris: Management of data breach crisis –cybersecurity aspects